Rebecca offers services in the following areas:

  • Educational Consultation:

Rebecca is available as a consultant and scientific advisor to schools, organizations, and clinics, and parents on the subjects of language, literacy, and executive functioning. She also works on a limited basis with individual students in need of additional support.

  • Speaking Engagements: 

Rebecca is available for talks, workshops, and trainings on the subjects of her articles, with a focus on parenting, early childhood education, and adult development. Topics include:

Learning Through Parenting
How to Let Parenting Change Us
Finding and Revising the Stories We Tell Ourselves
Making Time for Conscious Parenting

Her experience includes work with schools, early childhood centers, and hospitals. She is focused on the Boston area but is available for travel and remotely as well. Contact for more details.

  • Literary Services: 

As a literary writer, Rebecca is available for talks and readings of her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as for discussions of the writing process. Please contact her for more details.

She also offers consultations on poetry, fiction, and nonfiction manuscripts, both privately and through Grub Street. Consultations can range from a series of individual poems to entire manuscripts, and also include suggestions for marketing the work.

A sample testimonial:

"Rebecca Givens Rolland is strikingly smart, creative and knowledgeable, also very open-minded and kind – I feel completely safe sending experimental “questionable” work to her. Each manuscript consultation with Rebecca transforms my work (poems end up becoming thoroughly reworked, expanded, deleted and parts combined), and changes my way of thinking (relearning what works and doesn’t work in my writing, and the possibilities of poetry in general)."  

~Kelly Shaw